Bolle FestsΓ€le, Berlin
Christian Liebel

Christian Liebel

Consultant at Thinktecture

Christian Liebel is a cross-platform development enthusiast thrilled by the opportunities offered by modern web technologies: Christian helps enterprises and independent software vendors to develop modern, cross-platform business applications based on Angular. Being a Microsoft MVP, Google GDE and member of the W3C Web Applications working group, he speaks about Progressive Web Apps at user groups and conferences, both national and international.


  • Building desktop-class productivity apps with Angular and Project Fugu talk

    Project Fugu is a multi-vendor effort that aims to bridge the gap between platform-specific apps and web applications: By introducing powerful capabiltities such as file system or clipboard access, developers can create desktop-class productivity apps for the web. This is the perfect complement to Angular, which can be used to develop feature-rich Progressive Web Apps. In this talk, I’ll explain the objective of Project Fugu and show you how to add superpowers to your Angular apps!