Bolle Festsäle, Berlin

RxJS for Angular

Master global and component state and optimize template logic. If you already know REDUX or reactive state management patterns and want to learn more advanced things about the architecture-related components, this is the workshop you need to book. Local component state, flattening operators, contextual state and its display component templates, performance for component bindings and advanced custom operators – this workshop will provide a solid foundation from which you can continue to develop these and many more advanced skills pushing your knowledge to the next level.

We will learn: - Local vs. global state (when to use what) - Derived state (shared computations, distinct changes, and nullish values) - Model vs. ViewModel - OOP Design Patterns for Component state (Facade, MVVM/Presenter, MVC, Adapter) - Subscription-less architecture - Optimize data fetching with RxJS flattening operators - How to handle error, complete, suspense, and values in the template - Reactive Component lazy loading - Improving UX with Reusable reactive helpers - Resilient error handling - Advanced custom operators - Performant component bindings

Google Developer Expert
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